NIFA Award
The SCRI Zebra Chip Program received the NIFA Outstanding Grantee Award for Mission Integration.  Full article here.

2014 SCRI ZC Reporting Session
The conference was held November 9 – 12, 2014 in Portland Oregon.  This has been a very important research project for the potato industry and farmers in the US and around the world.  Great progress has been made in controlling Psyllids and their resulting disease ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ (Zebra Chip) that threatened to devastate the potato industry.  Leaders in the potato industry and producers agree that while we now have more control over psyllids with new and better insecticides, that control is costly and not sustainable. More research is needed to develop more resistant potato varieties and a more efficient IPM.

Special thanks to our sponsor USDA NIFA for providing the Federal Grant (#2009-51181-20176) from the USDA-NIFA-Specialty Crops Research Initiative.

A heart-felt thanks to our collaborators without who’s participation and support the project would have been much less effective.*

To all of the Producers, Farmers, Scientists, Grad Students and Technical Assistants without who’s tireless hours of sampling, testing, and sleepless nights this project would not have been possible.  Congratulations on a very successful, award winning project.

Finally, This website is dedicated to providing all of the research and information gathered during the course of this grant.  The site has enjoyed visitors from all of the continents in the world.  Everyone who participated or contributed to this project in anyway has had a positive affect on the potato industry across the globe.  It has been my honor and privilege to maintain this site for you.  If I have omitted anyone who should have been included, please accept my very deep apologies.  Please direct corrections to my email address below.

Thank you,
Donnie Parrack
Zebra Chip Web Master

SCRI Zebra Chip Annual Reporting Sessions
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In The Industry
2014 Industry interviews with Kay Ledbetter.

Spotlight on Research
2014 Conference Presentations.

Jose RodriguezIn The Field
2014 Producers interviews with Kay Ledbetter.

Adrian SilvaSCRI Potato Psyllid Survey .
Links to the Potato Psyllid Surveys.  These and future Weekly Psyllid Reports can be found on Charlie Rush’s Plant Pathology Lab website Texas A&M AgriLife Plant Pathology Research – Amarillo/Bushland.

Natural Vegetation Survey
The Texas Natural Vegetation Survey

2014 Conference Proceedings
The 2014 Conference Proceedings will be made available as soon as they are completed.